Sequin Blazer

The sequin blazer has become a popular fashion item again just recently. They are featured in commercial clothing stores as some of the latest bestselling lines. This is because the glam look is making a comeback. Bright colors, sparkle, and bling are back and they are coming in hard and fast to the everyday fashion scene.  The piece of clothing known as a sequin blazer is heading this trend, and is acting as a glamorous centre piece for this vivid fashion trend.

How To Wear Sequin Blazers

When wearing a sequin blazer and boyfriend blazer,  there is a certain set fashion rules that one should follow. These “rules” make the use of the sequin blazer effective in giving the desired effect one is after. As when dealing with bright colors and accessories, it is quite easy to make an ensemble look tacky. So, be sure to follow these rules to make sure you look your best in a sequin blazer.

  • It is recommended that you only wear a sequin blazer with other solid or block colored clothing. For example, do not wear a t-shirt with a printed image on it underneath. This causes too much of a distraction and makes the outfit look messy. You want to wear single-color garment around and underneath a sequin blazer as this keeps the focus clean.
  • It is also good advice to only wear a sequin blazer with simple and clean lines. They are all about drawing focus. Having baggy or strangely cut garments will only disturb the flow of the overall outfit.
  • When choosing a sequin blazer jacket, the color is an important factor. You need to either choose a jacket with a color that complements your existing wardrobe or buy clothes that will match the jacket. You can buy black sequin blazer or a gold sequin blazer. Both colors are extremely popular because they can retro fit into most people’s wardrobes. These simple block colors can easily complement a range of garments and styles.

When To Wear Sequin Blazers

When should one wear blazers for women like a sequin blazer? They are definitely eye catching and special clothing garments. So, they can actually be worn any time, when the occasion calls for it. However, it would be better if you do not wear them as often as needed, in order to maintain the exclusivity and make them more special. A sequin blazer should make people turn their heads, and if you wear one every day, it may not give the same effect anymore. So, the advice is to use them strategically amongst a range of other outfits to spice up one’s wardrobe.

Where To Buy Sequin Blazers

There are a lot of online retailers and specialist boutiques that are selling fantastic sequin blazer jackets. Browsing around these will provide a range of different and interesting designs. It is advisable to have a good browse before committing to any one design or jacket, as there is a lot of variety out there. Alternatively, you could buy several of them and not have to make the choice.