Celebrities Wearing Blazers: How to Achieve Their Look

Photos of celebrities wearing blazers are being seen on print ads and websites recently. It may not be a breakthrough fashion trend because it was a trend several years back, but it certainly is making a comeback. Surely, there are people who have gorgeous blazers hanging in their closet, but are not quite sure how they should wear it. It is time to get those worries behind and learn how to rock this fashion trend.

Essential Style Tips on Wearing Blazers

1) It is important to have a blazer that fits well

  • Celebrities wearing blazers that are too big or too small have been tagged as a big fashion no-no.
  • The width of the shoulders should fit just right, allowing enough room to move the arms.
  • It should be tight enough around the waist and should widen towards the hips.
  • It is also important that the blazer should accommodate the chest well or else it would look like it was stolen from another person.
  • It is highly recommended to invest in a form-fitting blazer because it always a stylish addition to almost any getup.

2) Wear blazers with styles that will fit well with your entire ensemble

  • Solid neutral colors like black, navy blue, white, and grey are probably the safest choice because it can be worn with almost any colored piece of clothing.
  • Blazers with prints should be worn with plain shirts, jeans, or dresses. Never mix a printed blazer with another printed outfit. This will give the illusion of weight and will totally confuse onlookers.
  • Something stylish and loud, like a sequin blazer, is a great item because it doubles as an accessory. Sequins add that much coveted sparkle and glitter on any plain outfit.

3) Blazers can be worn with both formal and casual get-ups

  • Celebrities wearing blazers have been seen donning such attire on the red carpet.
  • If the dress is sparkly, full of design, or brightly colored, a simple blazer with a neutral color would look best with it.
  • simple dress can be made less boring by wearing it with a more stylish blazers. Think, sparkle and shine.
  • Casual outfits, on the other hand, can also be worn with blazers.
  • Skinny jeans in dark blue colors look great with a tee and a blazer. It creates that stylish and sophisticated look wherever you go.

4) Accessorizing is a must for almost any clothing and blazers are no exception

  • This is not only for celebrities wearing blazers, but for anyone who wants to look their best all the time.
  • scarf is one great accessory to a blazer, but make sure it is also appropriate for the weather.
  • vintage brooch or a floral corsage would also add that extra glam to a plain blazer.
  • Gorgeous earrings and bracelets could also upstage a blazer outfit and will surely make everyone envious.
  • The best suggestion, though, to accessorize a blazer is to wear it with great posture, confidence, and a beautiful smile.